Eric J Morgan is a multi-instrumentalist known primarily for his aggressive bass style.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he cut his teeth in the Brooklyn Thrash and NYHC scenes through the mid-80′s and 90′s in various bands such as First Order, Lament and Mr. Pickle.

He has enjoyed opening for/touring with bands such as Slayer, Sacred Reich, Overkill, Bad Brains, The Crumbsuckers, Type O Negative, Sheer Terror, Nuclear Assault, Overkill and many other national acts.

Over the years, he’s lived in Miami, Texas and Boston, performing and producing music in/with a number of local acts.
He now calls New Jersey home and was a primary writer and programmer for NJ’s short-lived, but well-received Mocoso.

Eric is focused on continuous improvement, and pushes himself daily to advance his art to the next level. “You never finish learning and you can always do better,” he says. “You’re dead in the water if you think you’re done growing.”

He has done remix work for Pigface featuring Trent Reznor, The Wretch, NYC’s Saintface and others.

Currently the bassist for Brooklyn’s A Pale Horse Named Death (, he has reunited with some good friends and industry heavyweights from the fertile Brooklyn scene, and has so far toured extensively through Europe, the UK, Netherlands and Eastern Block.

A Pale Horse Named Death will be touring Europe February through March 2014 in support of their 2nd album “Lay My Soul To Waste”.